What is the price of white corundum

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Why does white fused alumina exit black spot?

There’re black spots in white fused alumina, may be because the impurities it carries are not removed clean. Rust is a more common magazine, because the white fused alumina raw material itself exists iron oxide, if not removed clean, there will be black spots. In addition, in the production process, because the mechanical rust will also accidentally incorporated rust, eventually leading to the color of white corundum is not pure.

The use of tabular alumina

The special process of tabular alumina determines its unique properties: high refractoriness; high corrosion resistance; high erosion resistance; high thermal shock resistance stability; high strength and good toughness; stable chemical properties. It is an ideal material for refractory, ceramic and electrical insulation, and it is also an ideal material for abrasives and polishing.

Why can’t white corundum replace brown corundum

Compared with brown corundum, white corundum has higher purity and greater hardness than brown corundum, and it will not color the surface of the workpiece during polishing and other operations. It has many advantages that brown corundum does not have. Why can’t white corundum replace brown corundum? The editor of Haixu Abrasives will introduce it to you.

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