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Black silicon carbide

  • Black silicon carbide SiC
  • Black silicon carbide SiC
  • Black silicon carbide SiC
Black silicon carbide SiCBlack silicon carbide SiCBlack silicon carbide SiC

Black silicon carbide SiC

  • colour:black
  • shape:grit, powder
  • samples: free
  • factory:yes, founded in 1999
  • Product description: Black silicon carbide SiC

Black silicon carbide sic

Black silicon carbide is made from quartz sand and smokeless acetylene as the mainraw material.it is made via light  resistance from hydrometallurgical,it is black opaque body hexagonal crystal and MOHS -hardness in the 9.15,which is after diamond and boron carbide with crisp and sharp performance and certain degree of conductive heat.

black silicon carbide is higher toughness than green silicon carbide  with sic purity 98%,it have been used for processing glass,ceramic,stone, refractory materials ,cast iron and other metal.  


1.Sic processed by low-intensity metal and non metallic and also can be used in fire-resisting materials and the electronic industry

2.Colored metal .iron and steel industy .constructing materials and ceramic .Energy-saving

3.Usage:It is the important raw materials of high refractories manufacturing ,high-temperature ceramics,body heat resistance, abrasives and recrystallized silicon carbide.

metallurgical grade black silicon carbide sicmetallurgical grade black silicon carbide sic


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